Who´s who

This page gives you an overview of our sales organization to help you choose the right contact for your specific needs.

Line Pipe, OCTG, Geothermal energy worldwide
(except Central Europe)

Michael Kosfeld
Sales Director

phone: +49 271 691-203
fax: +49 271 691-202
E-mail: michael.kosfeld@smlp.eu

Product-sections: Line Pipe for Oil, Gas and Water worldwide
Regions: South America, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Central Asia, Caucasus, Eastern Europe, Baltic States, France (Oil/Gas), Italy, Tunisia
Product-sections: Line Pipe for Oil, Gas and Water, OCTG worldwide
Regions: USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Middle East, Libya, Egypt, Scandinavia, Offshore North Sea, UK, Ireland, Oceania, Maghreb, Francophone Africa, Anglophone Africa, Far East

Line Pipe (Central Europe), Structural Tubes & MSH Section, Wind energy, Commercial Tubing, District Heating, Surplus Pipe (worldwide)
Konrad Thannbichler
Sales Director

phone: +49 271 691-282
fax: +49 271 691-202
E-mail: konrad.thannbichler@smlp.eu

Product-sections: Gas & Oil, water
Regions: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, BeNeLux, France (water)
Product-sections: Structural Tubes
Regions: worldwide
Product-sections: Commercial Tubing
Regions: worldwide
Product-sections: District Heating-/ Line Pipe
Regions: worldwide
Product-sections: 2A Pipes
Regions: worldwide
Erika Richter
Sales Area Manager

phone: +49 271 691-245
fax: +49 271 691-299
E-mail: erika.richter@smlp.eu