Who´s who

This page gives you an overview of our sales organization to help you choose the right contact for your specific needs.

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Line Pipe, OCTG, Geothermal energy worldwide
(except Central Europe)

Michael Kosfeld
Sales Director

phone: +49 271 691-203
fax: +49 271 691-202
E-mail: michael.kosfeld@smlp.eu

Product-sections: Line Pipe for Oil, Gas and Water worldwide
Regions: South America, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Central Asia, Caucasus, Eastern Europe, Baltic States, France (Oil/Gas), Italy, Tunisia
Product-sections: Line Pipe for Oil, Gas and Water, OCTG worldwide
Regions: USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Middle East, Libya, Egypt, Scandinavia, Offshore North Sea, UK, Ireland, Oceania, Maghreb, Francophone Africa, Anglophone Africa, Far East

Line Pipe (Central Europe), Structural Tubes & MSH Section, Wind energy, Commercial Tubing, District Heating, Surplus Pipe (worldwide)
Konrad Thannbichler
Sales Director

phone: +49 271 691-282
fax: +49 271 691-202
E-mail: konrad.thannbichler@smlp.eu

Product-sections: Gas & Oil, water
Regions: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, BeNeLux, France (water)
Product-sections: Structural Tubes
Regions: worldwide
Guido Ludwig
Sales Area Manager: Structural Tubes and MSH Sections

phone: +49 271 691 459
fax: +49 271 691 296
E-mail: guido.ludwig@smlp.eu

Thomas Elzenbaumer
Sales Area Manager: Wind Power

phone: +49 271 691-242
fax: +49 271 691-296
E-mail: thomas.elzenbaumer@smlp.eu

Product-sections: Commercial Tubing
Regions: worldwide
Product-sections: District Heating-/ Line Pipe
Regions: worldwide
Product-sections: 2A Pipes
Regions: worldwide
Erika Richter
Sales Area Manager

phone: +49 271 691-245
fax: +49 271 691-299
E-mail: erika.richter@smlp.eu