Research & Development

We maintain close contact with national and international institutes, notably the Salzgitter Mannesmann Research Institute, because we aim not only to continuously improve the HFI welding process but also to promote and support new product developments for the benefit of our customers.

Click here to visit the website of the Salzgitter Mannesmann Research Institute:


  • Pipe for low-temperature service
  • Pipe for high-temperature service
  • Alloyed tube and pipe
  • Pipe for solids pipelines
  • Tube and pipe for offshore service
  • High-strength pipe, yield strength > 550 N/mm² (80,000 psi)
  • Pipe with high collapse resistance
  • Proprietary corrosion protection technology, coatings for the mechanical protection of HFI pipes
  • Development partner for new test methods and equipment
  • Collaboration in the drafting of national and international standards for the production, delivery and application of tube and pipe