Projects for oil, gas and other line pipe

Perenco, Zaplok
Perenco, Zaplok

Customer: Perenco

Project: Zaplok Cameroun and Gabon
Product: Oil and gas line pipe
Size: 323,9 x 12,7 mm and 219,1 x 12,7 mm
Steel grade: X52
Order volume: 80 km
Coating / Lining: PE coating / TK 70 / lining
Delivery: 2013

Hadera Gas Import Terminal Offshore
Hadera Gas Import Terminal Offshore

Customer: Israel Natural Gas Lines Ltd. (INGL)

Project: Hadera Gas Import Terminal
Product: Gas line pipe (offshore) 
Size: 508.0 x 14.4 mm
Steel grade: X52MO and to customer specifications
Order volume: 9.000 m
Coating / Lining: 3 mm HDPE coating + heavy coat of concrete; internally shot-blasted, 60 mµ Permacor lining (Pipe-laying: Micoperi srl)
Delivery: März 2012

Gas line pipe for Egypt
Gas line pipe for Egypt
Customer: RWE DEA Egypt
Project: Disouq concession
Product: Gas line pipe 
Size: 323.9 x 15,88 mm and 406.4 x 14.30 mm
Steel grade: X65M API 5L 44 TH PSL 2 and to customer specifications
Order volume: 10.200 m + 6.000 m
Delivery: June 2012

Nafoora Amal Crude Oil Pipeline Project
Nafoora Amal Crude Oil Pipeline Project
Customer: Wintershall AG, Libyan Branch
Project: Nafoora Amal Crude Oil Pipeline Project
Product: Oil and gas line pipe 
Size: 609.6 x 9.53 mm
Steel grade: X52N API 5L 44 TH PSL 1 and to customer specifications
Order volume: 57 km
Coating / Lining: Polypropylen (PP)
Delivery: June 2012

Tuxpan Tula, Mexico
Tuxpan Tula, Mexico
Customer: Gasoductos Méxicanos S.A. de C.V.
Project: Tuxpan Tula, Mexico
Product: Gas line pipe for LPG
Size: 10.75 x 0.250" / 0.307" / 0.365"
Steel grade: X52M, PSL 2
Order volume: 320 km (17,000 t)
Delievery: 2011
Special features: 100 km with 6 mm thick HDPE coating

Pozos Rosades-Ayacuco
Pozos Rosades-Ayacuco

Customer: Ecopetrol, Kolumbien

Project: Pozos Rosades-Ayacuco
Product: Diesel line pipe 
Size: 355,6mm und 406,4 mm
Steel grade: X52N PSL2 und X65M PSL2 
Order volume: 30.000 t / 350 km
Coating / Lining: HDPE rough coating
Delivery: 2009

Seven Fields
Seven Fields
Customer: RAG und E.On Gas Storage
Project: Seven Fields Natural Gas Storage  Facilities
Product: Gas line pipe
Size / Steel grade / Order volume:
610.0 x 9.9 mm / L485MB / 45 km
406.4 x 13 mm / L485 MB / 3,7 km
273.0 x 14.2 mm / L360NB/ 5 km
168,3 x 8,8 mm / L360NB / 1,5 km
Delivery: 2009 - 2011

Flat Rack
Flat Rack
Customer: CE Franklin Ltd. / Terasen Gas
Project: Flat Rack
Product: Gas line pipe 
Size: 610 mm / DN 600
Steel grade: 483 CAT II 
Order volume: 2,400 m
Delivery: 2009/2010
Special features: Sophisticated logistics: Flat Rack shipment, polyethylene coating, epoxy flow lining

VNG Repair, Saxony
VNG Repair, Saxony
Customer: Verbundnetz Gas AG
Project: VNG Sanierung Saxony
Product: Gas line pipe 
Size: 219.1 mm; 323.9 mm; 406.4 mm
Steel grade: L245NB und L360NB
Order volume: 3.200 t (63 km)
coating / Lining: Polyethylen (PE-S-n) / no lining
Delivery: 2010

Fertilizer plant Sorfert, Algeria (transfer line pipe line)
Fertilizer plant Sorfert, Algeria (transfer line pipe line)
Customer: Sonatrach, Algeria
Project: Jettyline, Medium NH³, temperature -33 °C
Product: Line Pipe
Size: 7.975 m 273,0 x 9,27 mm in Gr. 6;  1.337 m 457,2 x 14,3 mm in Gr. 6;  1.546 m 273,0 x 9,31 mm in Gr. 6
Seel grade: ASTM A333/A333M 04 A and customer specification
Order volume: 10.858 m
Coating / Lining: Pre-installed pipe insulation made of Polyurethane with a spiral-wounded aluminum sheathing (Jettyline). Produced by Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG, Troisdorf
Delivery: 2009

Onshore diesel pipeline Colombia
Onshore diesel pipeline Colombia
Customer: Ecopetrol, Bogota / Colombia
Project: Ayacucho
Product: Oil and Gas line pipe (onshore diesel pipeline)
Size / Wall thickness: 355 mm (14") / 7.5 - 11 mm
Steel grade: L450MB (X65)
Order volume: 28,000 t / 350 km
Coating / Lining: HDPE Rough-Coat
Delivery: 2009

Jet fuel pipelines, Frankfurt Airport
Client: Fraport AG, Frankfurt am Main
Project: Frankfurt Airport
Product: High-pressure oil and gas line pipe 
Sizes / Steel grade: Diverse
Quantity: approx. 40 km
Coating / Lining: FCM-N / FCM-S, internally shot-blasted and Copon coated, suitable for jet fuel 
Delivery: 2003 - 2012
Special features: Various pipe designs

Ethylene Pipeline Süd
Client: Ethylene Pipeline-Süd GmbH & Co KG
Project: Ethylene Pipeline-Süd
Product: Gas line pipe
Size / Wall thickness: DN 250 / 7.1 mm
Steel grade: L360NB
Order volume: 370 km
Coating / Lining: HDPE
Delivery: Since 2009
Special features: in accordance  with EPS specification

NRM (Netzdienste Rhein Main GmbH)
Client / Project: NRM (Netzdienste Rhein Main GmbH)
Product: High-pressure gas pipe
Sizes / Steel grade: DN 400
Order volume: Approx. 350 m
Coating / Lining: FCM-S
Delivery: 2009
Special features: Flush-drilling technique + field coating with MAPUR

Oxygen pipeline Peine
Client / Project: Oxygen pipeline Peine
Product: Oxygen pipeline
Sizes / Steel grade: 323.9 mm/L290MB
Order volume: 27 km
Coating / Lining: LDPE
Delivery: 2008/2009
Special features: Shot-blasted internally with ferrite-free granules      

Uralsk Gas Pipeline Project, Kazakhstan
Customer: Kazstroyservice, Almaty
Project: Onshore, Aksai - Uralsk
Product: Gas line pipe 
Outside diameters: 4", 8", 10", 20"
Wall thicknesses: 5.6 - 12.7 mm
Steel grade: X52 (API 5L)
Order volume: 19,800 t / 189 km
Coating / Lining: HDPE
Delivery: 2008

Expansion of the pipeline network in Azerbaijan - 150 metres below sea level
Client / Project: Underwater gas pipeline in the Caspian Sea
Product: Line pipe for gas and oil
Sizes / Steel grade: 508.0 x 15.9 mm / X60
Order volume: 52 km
Coating / Lining: MAPEC Rough Coat
Delivery: 2007
Special features: Connection/welding to existing pipeline

High Tech in the Caribbean
Client / Project: Oil and natural gas production in the Caribbean
Product: Line pipe for gas and oil
Sizes / wall thickness: 14 inch / 19.05 mm
Order volume: 14.5 km
Coating / Lining: PE
Delivery: 2006
Special features: The high wall-thickness to diameter ratio

Six pipelines through Provence
Client / Project: TOTAL/ 6 pipelines installed in parallel
Product: Heating oil, naphtha, jet and benzene
Sizes / Steel grade: 16 inch + 6 inch / L415MB
Order volume: 2 x 10 km und 4 x 6.5 km
Coating / Lining: HDPE coating
Delivery: 2006
Special features: Parallel installation of six pipe strings at the same time

Underwater pipelines in Switzerland
Customer/Project: Underwater pipelines in Lake Zug and Lake Lauerzer
Product: Gas
Dimensions (mm)/Steel grade: 273.0x10,0 / St 37.0
Order volume: 6+3 km
Coating/Lining: PE
Delivery: 2006
Special features: Underwater pipeline, depth 140m

West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP)
Customer/project: Chevron Texaco/WAGP Proj.
Product: Gas
Size (mm)/steel grade: 508.0x11.2/X70
Order volume: 150 km
Coating/lining: PE Rough/flow-coat
Year of supply: 2005
Special features: Offshore consortial with CPW

Bord Gais Ireland - South-North Pipeline
Bord Gais Ireland - South-North Pipeline
Customer/project: Bord Gais Ireland - South/North Pipeline
Product: Gas
Size (mm)/steel grade: 457.1x7.1/16.1/L450MB
Order volume: 160 km
Coating/lining: PE/flow-coat
delivery: 2005

Bord Gais Ireland / North-West Pipeline
Bord Gais Ireland / North-West Pipeline
Customer/project: Bord Gais Ireland/North-West Pipeline
Product: Gas
Size (mm)/steel grade: 457x7.1/16.1/L450MB
Order volume: 115 km
Coating/lining: PE/flow-coat
Delivery: 2004

NATO Pipeline, Kehl-Tübingen
NATO Pipeline, Kehl-Tübingen
Customer/project: NATO-Pipeline Kehl-Tübingen
Product: Oil
Size (mm)/steel grade: 273.0 x 8.0/10/L290NB
Order volume: 100 km
Coating/lining: PP
Delivery: 2004