Oxygen pipeline Peine

Client / Project: Oxygen pipeline Peine
Product: Oxygen pipeline
Sizes / Steel grade: 323.9 mm/L290MB
Order volume: 27 km
Coating / Lining: LDPE
Delivery: 2008/2009
Special features: Shot-blasted internally with ferrite-free granules      

The construction of the 27 km oxygen pipeline between Peine and Salzgitter was a major technical challenge, for it involved 54 crossings underneath roads, motorways, railway lines and the Mittelland Canal.
Salzgitter Flachstahl supplied the hot wide strip used for manufacturing the welded steel pipes at the MLP mills in Hamm and Siegen. The pipes have a diameter of 323.9 mm and wall thicknesses between 7.1 and 10 mm and they were sand-blasted on the inside surface to avoid oxygen ignition when in service. In addition, the pipes for the underwater crossing were given a coating of glass fiber reinforced plastic. MLP also supplied the straight pipes which were shaped into bends at a pipe bending shop. Unloading and storage was contracted out to DEUMU.
This oxygen pipeline will supply Peine with the industrial grade oxygen it requires for steel production. The savings in electricity consumption for the production of oxygen alone translate into a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 18,000 tonnes per year.