Fittings & Accessories

As a true one-stop supplier for drinking, industrial and wastewater pipe projects we offer a comprehensive range of line pipes to suit all applications and pipe-laying methods complete with all the necessary fittings and accessories.

Steel fittings
Customized solutions for all applications in drinking water and wastewater pipeline projects are in the focus of our range of fittings and accessories. With welded joints, we have the right fitting for every application need.
Steel fittings for welded joints
A major advantage of steel fittings is that they can be easily adapted to specific requirements (operating pressure, wall thickness, type of joint, etc.). Our broad range of steel fittings includes bends for directional changes, adapters for changes in the pipeline diameter, take-off tees, etc.
All the fittings are available in two variants:
-  with (CSP) butt-weld joints or
-  with slip-welding joints

Steel fittings with cement mortar lining

These steel fittings meet all the relevant standards and specifications (e.g. DIN 2605, DIN 2616, DIN 2615) for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of central drinking water supply and wastewater systems.

The key characteristics of our cement mortar-lined steel fittings are:
  • suitability for various pressure stages and loads
  • wall thickness adapted to operating pressure
  • internal corrosion protection adapted to pipeline medium (drinking water, wastewater)
  • fitting ends bevelled, for slip-welding or flanged joints, etc.
  • materials from L235 to high-alloy STE grades
  • compatibility with different steel pipes in terms of wall thickness and pipe end design

Our range of accessories includes:
  • field coating systems (MAPUR® casting resin, shrink-on tubes, shrink-on collars, 3-layer plastic tapes, etc.)
  • field repair kits for MAPEC® corrosion protection coating
  • FCM field coating system (bucket of FSH casting mortar, cement wrappers, etc.)
  • cement mortar (ISOMIX)
  • field lining material 
  • ISOTEST holiday detector
  • angle cutting attachment (for short lengths)
  • other devices and products

Fittings & Accessories
Fittings & Accessories