Ethylene Pipeline Süd

Client: Ethylene Pipeline-Süd GmbH & Co KG
Project: Ethylene Pipeline-Süd
Product: Gas line pipe
Size / Wall thickness: DN 250 / 7.1 mm
Steel grade: L360NB
Order volume: 370 km
Coating / Lining: HDPE
Delivery: Since 2009
Special features: in accordance  with EPS specification

More than 20,000 HFI-welded steel pipes, making a total length of some 370 km, connect the metropolitan region of Ludwigshafen/Mannheim with the area around Ingolstadt. They supply the petrochemical industry there with ethylene, an essential raw material for this sector. The construction of this technically demanding pipeline, which provides a link to existing EPS pipelines, had to meet stringent requirements in terms of safety and pipe-laying techniques. The pipeline has to withstand pressures of between 60 and 90 bar and carry up to 400,000 tonnes of ethylene per year. Some 90 % of the route was laid parallel to existing supply lines, including underwater crossings of the Danube, Neckar and Rhine. More than 45 % of the pipe was delivered to the various pipe yards along the route by rail, eliminating the need for some 400 truck journeys. The unique feature of this pipeline is that it not only transports ethylene, it also has an external coating made of ethylene.
The individual steps involved in field coating are described in Issue 2 of our customer magazine HFI Global.